Why Join the LightRock Consulting Network?

We do consulting differently!  We have worked for large consulting firms and are familiar with the good and bad - we believe there is a different and better way.  At LightRock Consulting we encourage our consultants to pursue what they love doing most which is typically what they do best. We believe that happy consultants are best positioned to deliver outstanding client service.


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At LightRock Consulting, we are guided by a set of core values - focus on exceptional people, high quality, and an unrelenting commitment to client service. To help achieve this we encourage our consultants to chart their own career path while providing them with professional growth opportunities and a strong network of support.


Chart your own career path.  Choose to work full-time or part-time, travel or stay close to home, focus on specific solutions or industries - it's your career and your choice!  We work with you to align your interests with our opportunities. We believe strongly in work/life balance. Our consultants like to spend time with their families and friends, travel, and exercise. Our consulting opportunities can be demanding but also ensure that you to have time to do the things you love.


Help us build. We created LightRock Consulting to provide opportunities to do the work we love and have fun doing it!  We empower you to contribute to the growth of the company and directly share in the company's success.  All consultants have the opportunity to participate in our incentive plan.  Generate additional business for the firm, focus on delivering great work, or do both - it's entirely up to you!


Grow your professional network. We work with top talent in the change management discipline.  We only staff consultants within our trusted network that we know will be successful.  We not only provide opportunities to focus on the work you love, but also the support you need to be successful.  At LightRock Consulting, you have access to a senior leadership team, a strong network of change management professionals, and the methodology and tools to ensure your success.


Interested in joining us?