Our approach is simple – the success of your transformation is our success!

We do not sell pre-packaged solutions or do it to you. Rather, we focus on your organization's challenges and objectives, working with you to develop solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Change comes more from managing the journey than from announcing the destination…it isn’t the changes that do you in, it’s the transitions.
— William Bridges

Our comprehensive change management approach minimizes the people risks of any transformation, accelerates adoption, and maximizes value.  Our proven and proprietary methodology, AccelerateCM®, leverages our years of change management experience and lessons learned. Our methodology includes the following disciplines:

  • Leadership: Provides both formal and informal leaders with resources that they need to guide their teams through individual and organizational transformation

  • Readiness: Defines the magnitude of the change and assesses the organization’s readiness for that change

  • Communication: Aligns the vision of success with that of the overall organization and provides a compelling message to facilitate change

  • Training: Provides stakeholders with the information, knowledge and skills that they need to be successful in the future state

  • Organization: Defines future state governance and organizational structure and aligns performance management processes to drive desired future state behaviors

  • Culture: Develops process and policies to align organization’s culture, vision, and strategy

We view our clients as long-term strategic partners. It's only through this trusted partnership that we are able to drive sustainable change throughout your organization.

The central issue is never strategy, structure, culture, or systems. The core of the matter is always about changing the behavior of people.
— John P. Kotter